Effective Marketing Tools For Startups In 2022 With Ultimate Guide

As you know we are living in an age of the digital world, where we verbally connect with everyone. 

For social connectivity we use some productive tools.

How amazing today’s digital world is that we can guess from the effective marketing tools of the digital world.

Today the scenario of marketing nearly changed. With the passage of time a lot of things changed.

We have seen many banners. In old times we have seen advertising banners on Buses, empty places, middle of the road..

That was the old method of marketing but they still work. I don’t mean they’re vanished. But the appearance has reduced considerably.

The reason behind their less appearance is today’s game changer is marketing tools.

Today if you are thinking about a startup.

So all you have to do is take care of the supply chain of the product and service that comes.

The rest of the work will be done by your marketing tool. If you want to know which are the marketing tools that will be better for startups, then read it in full.

 What are Effective Marketing tools?

Effective Marketing Tools, that companies use to promote their product or advertise their product. It can be programmed, System Technology used by marketing professional to their promotions. Marketing tool similar with advertising tool his feature makes it effective and the way of how you use it. 

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Some Misconceptions About Marketing Tool

As we are discussing about marketing tool everyone would think that how easy would it be to do marketing.But I want to tell you,its not as easy as you think. But with right path you will be easier. Many people have misconception about marketing tools. Here we discuss.

Marketing tools are worthless

People have misconception that tools are worthless in marketing field. But in my opinion ,with great strategy tool makes your work effortlessly easy and simple. 

Millions of Impressions

If you get huge traffic on you website or huge views on you video. It does not mean that they will convert to your customer. It is only possible if you creativity on mind blowing level.

True Satisfaction

Reputed companies are set their audience base and easily sell to them. Without hesitation customer buy their product. Similarly for you customer satisfaction should be first priority on your marketing strategy. Many think they can beat Apple.

More Feature More Benefits

Never assume that expensive tools have more feature and make more benefits. Tools feature only makes product presentation better.

Which Are Effective Marketing Tools?

We discussed what are marketing tool and their misconceptions. So now finally we are going to discuss which are effective marketing tools that you can use for you initial startup in 2022.


This is the primary method to approach someone.

For every startup you need the best strategy to do email marketing. Firstly you have to build fellowship with email.

After that you could easily approach those who need your product or services. Here are many email building list tools available.

Through email marketing, you can keep your customer updated. On the other hand you can also tell about your  recent offer.

This will create an email audience of yours.

Email marketing tools are much more than a way to send and track emails. But It depends on you which marketing tools you use to grow your start ups.

Further suggest some effective marketing tools for startup. For example


Get response: Easy to use

Mailchimp: Simplicity 

Active Campaign: Pre-built automation

Hub spot : Attract visitors

Sending blue: Attractive Design templates


Great content can make your website visibility on top. But it happens only if you are skilled in SEO.

Like wise Search engine optimization makes your audience and generate more leads.

This is the practice of improving, and promoting a website that increases the number of visitors through search results.

Basically it’s about the keyword on your site which is ranking higher in search results

With the help of various SEO techniques you show your presence in rich search results.

Here are many ways to do great SEO. But if you are doing your own startups then you have to learn how SEO works.

 It is not rocket science, you just have to put your precious time and efforts into learning the concept of SEO.

But it can also has some principles. Here I tell you

→ On page SEO

→ Off page SEO

→ Keyword Search

For example ( Ashref, Semrush, Moz ) effective marketing tool available in the market which help you to make great marketing strategies.


According to experts, a website is the best way to define your ideas. As well as a website can define your business and this is essential need for you business.

With the help of a website you can reach a world audience to introduce your product or service.

 According to the data, worldwide internet users spent 147 minute per day on social media.

 People love to read blogs, buy services and products and have fun.

 A website for your startups business is very important with two major thing

Presence of your brand on Social media

First If someone searches about your product, then most importantly your product should come to the site or any social media  this is called “presence of your brand on social media”

A responsive website

Many web frameworks/CMS are available in the market which help in developing a responsive website.

Responsive website means “the experience of the user is super when he/she visits your website”.

Here is an example of the Apple website.

Social media

You can reach more and more customers by running ads on Facebook. But Before advertising on Facebook, all you have to do is keep searching for the target audience. Social media is great platform for online income.

Likewise on Instagram, you can do sponsorship deals with someone who has good followers.

And they will tell you about your product through their posts ,reels. More audience means more leads that’s why social media is effective marking tool for startup.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is similar to social media marketing. This is the method to do online virtual like Google Ad sense , Facebook & Instagram.

Billions of websites are available on the Internet. You can contact the website owner and run your ads.

Customers can buy the product from the company’s website by clicking on the link in contextual ads.

On the other hand Google Ad sense will help you to display your ad worldwide. Similarly media.net provide same facility like Google AdSense.

Radio Tv & Banners Ads

In the early age of marketing, these are popular method of advertising. When the internet was far from many people, advertiser were used Radio Tv to promoted their product.

But with the passage of time, method of advertisement has been changed. But these method still work in today digital world of advertisement. Radio ads attract very few people.

But banner ads can get you maximum reach. It is available both online and offline. Here we understand

Online Banner Ads-It looks like a box on a web page. When you click on box you are taken to their main material.

Offline Banner Ads- This types of ads on newspaper & billboards. It also considered most effective ads.

Print Collateral

This is the oldest method of advertising. It contains magazine, weeklies, monthlies, graphics, posters and many other formations of printed materials.

Its special thing is that it stays in people’s mind for a long time.

You can use different size of paper for print collateral but A4 size is best. And apart from this you should focus on design and content.

These two things can attract people more than paper size. This is also the best way of marketing for a startup in 2022

Conference & Trade show

Every year many conference are held in the world related to content marketing , digital marketing. People who want to learn trend, tool, technology they attend it.

In conference you meet new people and tell them about you product and learn something from them too.

Similarly in trade shows you show you product & service, its feature, capabilities. In trade shows you product presentation is main thing. You can sell them with a peep if you your presentation is amazing.

 Presentation, Location, Visibility makes your trade show booth significant.

Direct Mail

 For any startup direct mail is considerable tool of marketing. First of all you have to collect emails and then build list.

You can send offers & promotions by mail to the list’s customer which you made. Hard to get result from this method if you send 1000 mail to people you will get 10 response. But it depend on your email presentation, and the way of approach customers.


FAQ On Effective Marketing Tools

Which are best email marketing tools?

Many tool are available in the market but as we said Get response is the best email marketing tool for startup.

Which are best free online marketing tools?

Google trends or Google search console both are free and best tool for online marketing tool.

Which marketing tool i use?

For keyword research I use Semrush. You can take membership of BundledSEO where you can get Semrush in INR 399.

What is the best tool for AI in marketing?

No further information of AI marketing tool i have, when available i would like to share.

Why are Marketing tool important? 

Easy to reach target audience easy to get more leads.



In the end of the post i would like to say that without these marketing tools your startup business is unable to run.

You have to invest in online marketing tools if you want better results of your startup. Do research online which are the best tools and which are affordable for you. Before doing startup set your mind on trending tools and go for them without hesitation.


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