5 stunning off Page SEO techniques (Full Guide)

SEO is very important. When it comes to running a website or blog. By the way, on-page or off-page you must have heard about importance has increased even more in the world of the digital marketing.

Nowadays even its courses have come out which tell different off Page SEO techniques.

And you will also find many SEO experts, who will give you SEO training.

SEO is also important because it also helps in website ranking. And the better the ranking of the website, the better the audience will be.

The purpose of off-page SEO is to tell this to the user. That your site is trustworthy.

But it has also been seen that whenever a new blogger starts, he does it only with on-page SEO. Because he does not know the meaning of off page SEO properly.

As the competition is increasing well, SEO is becoming more and more difficult. If you are running the website then you also need to have knowledge of it.

Coming to the top of Google ranking does not mean that you have done on-page SEO in a good way. Rather, they are backlinks that you have taken from a website with high authority.

The growth of cosmetics companies in France has been surveyed during the time of Covid-19. And backlinks have also been measured. From which it was known that the more backlinks were made by the website of the company. His audience reach was equally good.

backlinks data
                                                                                  Source – statista.com

What is off page SEO techniques ?

“Off page SEO techniques” We get to know the meaning of Off-page means all those activities that we do away from the webpage. So that our ranking can be better in the search engine.And for each website their is various type of SEO

Many people compare it with link building. If I tell you in simple words, if you are writing a guest post for someone. Or if you comment then it will be considered as off-page SEO, I will also tell you some examples of this.

  • Content Marketing
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Forums
  • Link building

It helps in explaining this to the search engine. What do other users think about your site? Rather, if you have created some backlinks, that too from higher authority sites, even then your ranking can improve.

Why is Off-page SEO necessary ?

In Google’s algorithm, backlinks is considered as the foundation of the site. And I have already told you this thing above. Key backlinks is a part of off-page SEO.

The reputation of the website also depends on this. And the more trustworthy your site will be. The more chances he has to rank on the top page of Google, the more there will be.

And also clear this thing that off-page SEO does not become complete by taking backlinks from other sites.

You have to take a backlinks from that website which also relates to your website. For example, if you are a food blogger, then you do not have to take backlinks from digital marketing sites.

Off-page SEO vs On-page SEO techniques

By the way, SEO is divided into three parts. But today we will compare 2 of them.

Most of the new bloggers think that these two are the same, but may I tell you, there is a difference of land and sky between them. But both help in improving the search ranking. What is and how it is done ?

On Page SEOOff Page SEO
Internal linkingguest post
image optimizationsocial media
h1,h2,h3,h4,h5 tagscomment
meta descriptionlink building

On-Page SEO:- In this you can promote your website yourself. controls Do you. So that the search engine can better understand your content. Like title tags, keywords, permalink while writing content, take care of all these things.

Off-Page SEO:- Guest in this By writing post, you take backlinks from higher authority sites.

Links can also down the ranking of the website if it is spam. So keep these factors in mind while doing link building.

  • Website authority 
  • Relevance 

When you do On-Page SEO on your site, you have full control over it. But when you do Off-Page SEO on your site, you do not have full control over it.

Is backlinks necessary for off page SEO ?

Back link is considered as the backbone of the website. It is as important today as it was before.

The other name of off page SEO is backlinks. Google will not give importance to your site,until you create backlinks on the site.

As Google’s new updates are coming. Similarly, the algorithm is also changing. And ranking is not easy. But Off page SEO is still playing an important role in ranking.

Because when the website’s relevance, authority, and trustworthiness it comes to When off page SEO only helps in improving all these things, whether you are working on an e-commerce site or creating a blog of your own.

If we talk about backlinks then there are two types of important backlinks.

  • Do-follow Link– It tells Google’s bots and spiders that the webpage which is linked to this link has to be given value
  • No-follow Link– Google’s bots And forbids spiders to follow the link,

But when you are making a backlinks, keep in mind the quality and not the quantity. It means the authority of the website you are making should be good .And create backlinks from related websites only which have higher DA(domain authority)

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Off-page SEO types

We have come to know what is off page SEO. And why is it important for the website. And backlinks is only part of off-page SEO.

Now I will talk about how to use this technique to grow a website? So what are the ways by which we can use off-page SEO techniques for the website.

1.Social Media Platforms

In the world of Internet, most people are using Facebook. Apart from this, there are many other social media platforms.

This is the best way to stay connected online can create your profile on these platforms and you can also promote your blog or website.Most brands take the help of social media for their brands promotions. This is also called off Page SEO techniques.


We all do this And that too without thinking anything (just kidding) when you read someone’s post and comment in the comment box below, that too by putting the link of your website.

Then you share a link.Some bloggers believe that it is useless, it has no value. You must have seen that at the end of some blog post, a box is made in which you are asked to fill your name, email, website.

So that you can comment in the blog post. When you comment, then the admin / owner of the website approves your comment, so that the comment starts appearing live,it means that you have shared the link of your website, it comment backlinks is called off Page SEO techniques


Forums are used to discuss a specific category. You can create profiles by visiting different forums going there, and you can answer the question, along with you can share the link of your website,from which you get a do follow backlinks through off Page SEO techniques.

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4.Influencer Outreach

This means outreach to an Influencer who has popularity in blogging. The way to contact him can be emails, messages, social media in any way you want to get backlinks from any website. So you have to contact the owner of that website.

5.Guest post

Guest blogging aids the off page SEO of your website in lots of ways. First, guest posts put your brand name in front of an completely new audience.

When a post written by a blogger is posted or published in someone else’s website, it is called guest post .

Guest Post is a boon for Blogger. Because there are more chances of increasing organic traffic than this,but before writing a guest post, definitely check the domain authority (DA) and user outreach of the website.

The backlinks taken from the guest post helps a lot in improving the ranking of your blog.This is also one method of off page SEO techniques.

5.Social Media sites

Google’s search engine also keeps in mind that your social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Quota, Twitter But presence or not

All these things also help to rank the blog / website, anyway it takes some time to get traffic on new blog, your effort should be that the blog should be posted on social media sites as much as possible.

Keep sharing your blog’s ranking will improve even if traffic comes from social media sites and backlinks will also be created for the website.

Frequently asked questions

Q-What are the two pillars of SEO?

Ans-Although there are many factors of search engine optimization but on page and off page are considered to be two big pillars of SEO.

Q-Who are called the backbone of Off Page SEO?

Ans-Backlinks are considered to be the backbone of Off Page Sego. Whether it is dofollow or Nofollow.

Q-What are called Bad links?

Ans-Paid link in the eyes of Google they It is called bad link, it is not good for the health of the website.

Q-What is the difference between  page SEO and off page SEO?

Ans-In page SEO both on and off SEO comes while off page SEO I have told you in detail above.


I hope from all of you readers that the concept of off page SEO techniques must have become clear to you now.

Whoever is starting a website/blog must keep these things in mind. And also focus on the quality of the content.

Original content helps readers to find a solution to their problem.And Google also ranks fresh and original content.

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