11 Best Ways To Make Passive Income Online in 2022

Making passive income online is easier nowadays if you do that work with constant focus. However It is often seen that when we do not get the results, we leave that work and choose another path. 

As a matter of fact ,we can say Focus + Consistency + Hard Work =Success. In covid-19 pandemic days many people have been unemployed.Basically the people who were connected to the internet have been able to survive.

Moreover the number are rising of internet users, it has become very easy to earn passive income online sitting at home.

If you also want to earn money by sitting at home then you landed in the right place.

In this paragraph I am going to tell you about some platform from which you can also earn money by sitting at home.

If you want to make a good career in online income then you are in the right place.

What is Passive online income ?

Fast growing internet makes our connectivity with everyone very easy. It is not only helping to grow our business,make social connections,but also provide so many jobs to the people.

When someone pays us to work online,it is called online income. For example YouTube, Blog , Affiliate marketing, work as freelancer,work on Fiver etc.

However there are a many ways of earning passive income online.

Why is Passive online income best for beginners ?

Online income is a significant source of income also .In these days students spend their most time on the internet.First of all you have to become an expert in any field.

Beginners can choose any field in which opportunity is big,after that they have to learn that thing.

And the best thing about online income is that you can do whatever you want and when you want.

Every single online income idea is better if you do it in a good way.You will find this very easy to do because of the initial cost. Which is very low.

But remember, due to the low cost, it also has a lot of competition.

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What makes Passive online income a great source of income ?

It must have come to your mind that we can earn money even by doing a job or any other work, then why only online income?

Some of the online income features make it special,So let’s discuss.

Better and Safe future-There is a demand for a good skill in the market due to the many options in it.

If you learn any skill today,it can be useful in future.

Financial freedom-With online income you can earn more than a job, So that you don’t feel too short of money.

Be your own boss– Do it for yourself, not for your employer. This will lead to great authority over the work and the workability will also be great.And this type of credibility need for your business.

12 Ways Of Passive Income Online

Here we discuss some ways of passive income online and explore them. So you can choose which is best for you.

1.Amazon FBA

Because of Amazon is a very huge platform to earn passive income online.And also one of the benefits of this is that it has a lot of variety of products

After all revenue of Amazon for the quarter ending December 31, 2021 was $137.412B

Amazon FBA is a unique opportunity from which anyone who has knowledge of the internet can easily make money.

When someone buys from your link, you will get commission, And The best thing is Amazon will deliver the order for you.

Accordingly to the Amazon FBA you don’t need to worry about the shipment, return and stocking of products.

2.Sell On Ebay

Ebay is like amazon, where you choose a product which you want to prompt. First decide what to sell. And always remember to buy cheap things and sell at higher prices.

Start with cheap simple stuff that you can afford to play around with. Drop shipping on EBay is also a method of earning from this platform.

But it is not easy unless you have a good relationship with the supplier.

3.Affiliate Marketing

This is one of my favorite platform where you can still make passive income online when you’re asleep. People are spending money to learn this two words(Affiliate marketing)

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money online.

There are millions of products that we can promote and make money by sitting at home.

Some are free to join while others require payment.it depends on your interest what you want to promote.

You can check products on Amazon & flip kart and other fields like IT, Health and Fitness. Clickbank platform is a huge affiliate marketing network. And few marketing tools available in the market where you can get help.


Freelancing means who works as a designer, writer, Influencer, performer and selling services. And a person who is self employed and not a committed long term employer.

You have expertise in solving problems to become a freelancer. In the beginning, you can face troubles but once you have formed your trust, the clients will connect with you.

You can create your own Ebook and earn passive income. First of all you have to decide your niche .And here are some freelancing platforms Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, Flexjob etc.

5.Social Media

You will be surprised to think about this, from which you spend all your time, you can earn a lot of money from it.

Maybe a beginner knows this thing. Social Media has pushed itself from just being a platform to share pictures and videos.

It is hard to believe that you can actually earn from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, twitter & Snap chat.

Many people have taken to these platforms to convey themselves and have become celebrities on Facebook, Instagram.

After gaining  some popularity you can start earning through sponsored posts, and sell products.

Many reputed social media Influencers hire experts to handle their social media accounts and pay them handsome amounts.
If you are experts in social media and want to earn up to $35/HOUR commenting on Facebook then link is here.

6.Content Writing

Staying updated with the customer to create his/her own presence in the market nowadays is very necessary. Content writing is a way where we can approach a customer with varoius SEO techniques.

If your content is great, then you can easily attract the customer. In online marketing, it is important that you just have to keep the business trustable.

That’s why it is said that content is a King. You just have to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of the product in your article.

Also can charge the client according to per/word. In the US the average salary of a content writer is $44570. And can also do this on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.

7.SEO Expert

SEO experts to bring your work in front of more and more people. Whether it is a product or a service of some kind.

If your site or content ranks first page on Google then, there are chances of getting more leads and more traffic.

They analyze reviews and make changes to websites for search engines. Nowadays, SEO courses have also come into the market. The company is also hiring SEO experts to increase its sales and customer reach.


The size of blogging is becoming vast day by day. A lot of people are earning a lot from this. In this, your passion also comes in handy, 

If you are very closely associated with something then you can share its ideas with people.They will like your blog and will come up again and again.

While writing a blog, you have to remember that the content on your blog is original not a duplicate.

Because when they don’t like your blog, the traffic won’t come. And there will be no earnings either. And then monetize your blog with Google AdSense,Azoic,Media.net.
For blogging you can choose wordpress or blogger.

9.Online Teaching

Whatever kind of teaching it is, it easily becomes your source of earning whether it is offline or online. Online teaching is a new way of education as of now and will also in future.

You can teach music,language,technology,actually the scope of online learning has Widened beyond classical teaching.
In India, millions of people are studying on big platforms like. Unacademy.

10.Sell Online Course

Selling courses online has also become a practice.In the age of the internet, if you are an expert in anything, you can take advantage of it.

The course can be of any kind related to the education related to the expert of social media. First of all, you have to decide what is the thing that you are good at that you can explain to people in a good way.

Udemy is a platform where you can use your skill.

If you are fond of having a pet (dogs,cats) then you can make it an online course related to it.
In that course you can teach how to Develop your Dog’s “Hidden Intelligence” like good behavior bad behavior.

11.Creating Apps

You can make your own app even if you do not have knowledge of coding. Just approach one who is proficient in coding & tell them your requirements.

If you know the coding then you can develop and sell mobile apps easily.

Envato is a huge platform for digital products and assets.Envato has over 1.5 million active buyers and sellers and over 8 million community members, along with over 5 million items for sale.

12.Online Game Streaming

Surprisingly, online gaming is also a way to earn money. Streaming a game in the latest with good equipment, then you can make your income suitable by sitting at home.

Online streaming is on the rise as the Internet becomes cheaper, just choose the one game which is trending among all games(PUB G). Game streamers earn money from live streaming like super chat,sponsorships.

Sponsorships often pay between $10-$50 depending on views.


Can I start online income shortly ?
Genuinely i would say shortcut ways to succeed in any field is shaky. Most importantly you have to learn,you have to do hard work.Then you could achieve something.

Online vs Offline: Which is better ?

Both are different from each other but both demand hard work.It’s up to you to do better.

Is online income stable or not ?

Nothing is stable in this world, not even human breath, until we do that work with constant focus.

Is expensive equipment required for online income ?

No,you can do it from your mobile phone,But if you want to do coding and video editing then you need to purchase a laptop or desktop.


In conclusion, I would like to say that if you use the internet in a good way, you will also be able to learn things that you would not have thought of.

You can earn passive income online and can also enjoy your life. And most important stay away from job restrictions,

So If you really want to live your life superior then find source of passive income.

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