The Essential Guide to Submit New Website to Google

Billions of websites are running on Google as you know. Many websites are also created every day. But do you know how Google knows that you have created a new website?. In other words it is important to submit new website to Google.

The new blogger is in a lot of trouble about this thing. And today’s topic will solve your problem.

Mostly it has been seen that many people also search this on the internet about how to get a website in search engines.

And it is also important that if the website is not submitted then the traffic will not come.

Why do you need to submit new Website to Google?

Submitting a website means that Google will index the content of the website and web crawlers will check your content daily.

It is a simple thing that the truth of the website must be visible in the results and that is his only purpose?

Website coming in search results means that Google has come to know that you have created a website. By which he will also send the visitor to your site if he likes the content.

The more visitors come to your site, the more your earning will be. So the thing to keep in mind is that submitting new Website to Google is a priority.

Submit a website if:-

  • Launching a new website
  • Post new article
  • If not index yet

How to submit a new Website to Google?

If you have created a new website and have also customized it in a similar way and have also published some posts, it is very important to submit on various search engines( Google, Bing, Yahoo).

submitting a website is not a difficult task. Here are some steps to submit a new website to Google

Register your Domain with Google Search Console

If you want to know how your website interacts with Google Results, then it is very important to register your website domain in Google Search Console.

And the best thing about GSC is that it is free and easy to use. Anyone can use it without any problem. And here are some features of Google Search Console.

  • URL inspection tool
  • Coverage
  • Sitemap
  • Mobile usability

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Step-1 Open Google search console in your web browser then click on start now

Google search console
Google search console

Step-2 Under Domain enter your website URL.

Google search console
Google search console

Step-3 After entering your website URL click on continue,then Google will ask to verify your domain ownership. And show verification code.

Google search console
Google search console

Step-4 Then login to your Domain name provider. For example, I bought a domain from


Step-5 Then go to Manage under Domain and click on DNS/Nameservers

Hostinger dashboard
Hostinger dashboard

Step-6 And then you will see Nameservers & DNS record option. Under Manage DNS records you can just edit or delete DNS records. But right now we have to add a new record.

Hostinger DNS

Step-7 Just copy the verification code that Google shows.

Google search console
Google search console

Step-8 And paste in Points to field and change the type TXT. And then click on Add records

Hostinger DNS panel
Hostinger DNS panel

Go to the Search Console and click on verify. Withing some seconds Google will verify your Domain ownership.

After register website domain, come to the sitemap process.

With the help of some SEO tools a sitemap can be generated automatically. And submit manually in Google search console. Here i recommend Yoast SEO, every new blogger should use this tool.

Yoast SEO automatically generates a sitemap as you activate the plugin. For instance If you want to access your sitemap then just type

website sitemap
website sitemap

Open WordPress dashboard then go to plugin section and select Add new.

WordPress dashboard
WordPress dashboard

In search box type Yoast SEO and then install and activate the plugin.

yoast SEO
yoast SEO

Then go to Yoast SEO and click on General.


After that click on general, you will see many option like Dashboard, Features, Integration, Webmaster Tools etc. Just click on Features and you will see XML sitemap option.

Yoast panel
Yoast panel

First enable the option if it is disable automatically. Then click on question mark (?) along with Xml sitemap option. And click on see the XML sitemap.

Yoast panel
Yoast panel

A new tab will open like this, where you will see your website sitemap like post or pages.

After completing the process of sitemap with SEO tool, now we submit this sitemap on Google search console. Open search console and then click on sitemap section. And copy your sitemap from Yoast SEO or just type and then submit. If your sitemap is error free then status will see error, if not then success.

sitemap demo
sitemap demo

By counting the URLs of all the posts that have been published on the website.

How Google observe and Index your website?

Google’s work is systematic. This process is as follows.


If you have created a new website, then you submit its site map. Then Google discovers whether your website even exists or not. All this information is in the sitemap of your website, from where Google gets to know about the pages and posts of your website.


In this process, some bots and spiders from Google come and crawl on your website. nada download your pages.

3.Data Process

The information required in data processing is downloaded and prepared for indexing. Whatever is crawled by bots.


The pages crawled by the bot are stored in Google’s database so that they can be displayed in search results. These databases can save trillions of information so that the user can get the correct information that too smoothly.

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How long does Google take to index pages?

Blogging experts agree that it takes a time of week and two days for Google to index pages. The more normal this work, the better it will be.

If you submit the Sitemap then this work can be done sooner.

Google search console GuidlInes

FAQ on Submit new Website to Google

How to submit news website to Google?

First you have to create news website or blog then submit on Google publisher center.

How to check URL in Google search consol?

This Google search console URL inspection tool will help you or tell whether the URL of your post exists or not. Just copy URL and submit in URL inspection tool.

Do I need to submit a Sitemap every time when a new post is published?

Yes, if you want fast indexing of your page. Otherwise Google takes a long time.

Where else should I submit Sitemap other than Google?

Search engine like Bing or Yahoo where you can also submit your website sitemap


Today we learned how to create a site map and submit it to Google. Before submitting the website, customize it well and also make it mobile friendly so that there will be no problem in the search console. Sitemap contains the complete story of the website. How many posts and how many pages in it. And thanks for reading this article.

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