Ultimate Clarifications On Types Of SEO

Are you curious to know about how many types of SEO then you click on the right page.

Basic knowledge of SEO that every blogger or digital marketer should know before blogging or content writing or earning money online

The major factor of website growth is SEO you know very well. But there are many websites running on the internet with different niches.

So according to the topic or niches, implementation of SEO is also different on websites.

With the help of various SEO techniques you can get amazing results on your website.

Before we continue to How many types of  SEO .First we discuss what actually is SEO.

What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a practice that targets to improve the visibility of a website ranking or web page in a search engine.

On other hand various marketing efforts like paid advertising to get traffic and lead to a website.

But with advanced knowledge of SEO you can get free traffic and sales for your businees needs

How does SEO work?

When you search something on Google,it shows you some top results.When you click on you get what you want with correct information.

Actually Google shows those results which are good in SEO. So according to Google, high quality content, relevant content to websites and optimization of website elements like internal external link building ,titles,meta tags,URL,A these are signs of good SEO.

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How Many Types Of SEO?

This question comes to everyone’s mind when we talk about SEO. So here we discuss that type of SEO.

Black hat SEO

This is the unethical way to get results on search engines. And also against the Google webmaster policies. Below factor of black hat SEO.

Keyword stuffing

Pointing only one keyword on your website so many times is called keyword stuffing. This is also black hat SEO technique.

This can affect your ranking in Google search results. So always check keyword stuffing before submitting your post.

Duplicate content

It takes time to reach the top in search results.  With the help of duplicate content you can get results but for a limited time. The fact of the matter is focus on the original content instead of duplicate. Otherwise it will lose your credibility in Google search index .

Link forming

A site whose purpose is only to give a link for popularity through link exchange from an irrelevant site called link forming.

Google does not like irrelevant links. Google could penalized your site if you build irrelevant links.

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Paid links

In the online world tons of websites publish their ads to buy links for a website to perform better in search results. But in Google opinions these are spam websites who sell links for a dollar and also punish those who exchange links.

Content Scraping

Content scraping means taking original content from other websites and publishing them on behalf of itself. It is the matter of concern for every publisher or site owner to capture their collection of data.

White hat SEO

White hat SEO is always considered to be the most alluring. This is my advice to every beginner that White hat SEO technique is a long term approach to rank better in search results. So here we discuss which are 

Quality content

Originality always attracts whether it’s writing content or something else. Google enhances those websites in search ranking results who publish original and unique content. So quality content is better than duplicate content Whether it’s 500 or 700 words but it should be original.

Link building

Link building also affects your ranking in SEO. Internal or external links building tells SEO that you added an extra chance to rich ranking results. Do follow and no follow backlinks are the backbone of link building. So this is the white hat SEO technique.

Guest blogging

Websites can also be grown through guest blogging. When you write for someone that is called guest blogging. Guest blogging for a reputed website can probably be difficult so always approach medium types websites for initial guest blogging. And this is the type of SEO.

Internal linking

Internal linking tells SEO and also the audience that there is more content in the website. If someone clicks on an internal link they also mix it with other content. 

Responsive theme

A responsive theme considered the way to get rich rank results. A fast and responsive theme provides an optimal viewing and interaction experience much better than a normal theme. You don’t need to separate mobile themes if you use responsive themes. It is adjustable on different browsers.

Loading speed

User interaction experience depends on the load speed of  a website . A fast speed website performs well in search results. You can check the speed of the website in the Semrush tool.

On page SEO

Here is another SEO type called on page SEO you must have heard of it. In the field of content marketing related tools are available which are helpful in on page SEO.

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Meta title

Meta titles define each page title on the website.  Meta titles should be powerful and impactful.

Meta description

On page SEO requires meta description for each post. Google shows meta titles with meta description in search results. You can add your main keyword in meta description so that Google ranks your post for a particular keyword that you wanted to target.

Post title

Post title or h1 heading are the same thing. Use powerful words for post titles so that your post attracts more visitors. And always put the target keyword in post titles. Search engines easily understand what it is about.

SEO friendly URL

SEO friendly URLs should be related to content. And always keep short URLs  with lower case letters. It is a fact of ranking results.

Use of subheading

Post with 2000 words looks great. And if you use subheading h2 h3 h4 h5 h6 then post search ranking enhances. Readers can easily read posts with multiple subheadings.

Use of multimedia

Use multimedia like images or photos to describe posts well. And use alt tag for each multimedia so that Google understands the meaning of it.

Mobile friendly site

For mobile users, websites should be mobile friendly. SEO ranking matters on mobile. You can check your website here so that you can optimize the website for mobile users.

Website load time

On page SEO ranking factor is one of them is website load time. Users want quick interaction with websites. Lazy loading of websites can increase the bounce rate.

Global SEO

Global SEO means your content optimizes various countries of the world. Website reaches worldwide. This is the type of SEO


Keyword targeting for a particular country or region is part of global SEO. In Google search console you have to set the target country. Many tools for online marketing are available.


Professionalism is the main part of global SEO. Create your content professional if you want to reach a global audience.

Hard Work

Hard work and patients are required for Global reach. Research before making your websites global. It takes time to get visitors from outside but once you know the strategy you could easily attract visitors.


Website optimization is the first priority for global SEO. A lot of competition in global ranking.


With heavy research you can beat your competitors. Read blogs of reputed websites because they have been in the industry for a long time. Check the style of writing of good website. You could learn many things.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a highly effective way for local online marketing. With the help of local SEO you can promote your product and target local audience. Here we understand how

Get social

The meaning of local SEO is socialize your product or service with help of Google. Looking for customers who are searching for local business.

Encourages user reviews and ratings

Every review & rating matters. Encourage them to give feedback about products or services. 

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Know you ranking factors

Ranking factor in local SEO is the main thing. Which factor increases your visibility of your business in local search results you should know. Local SEO helps you to connect with local customers.

Mobile usability

Today mobile users are massively growing. So the fact is that desktop users are shifting to mobile devices. So make your website simply that can easily run on mobile.

FAQ About Types of SEO

Which is the best free SEO tool?

Google search console is the best and free tool for beginners.

What is the importance of SEO?

To enhance visibility of your website in search results.

What is a Backlinks in SEO?

Above we discussed about backlinks.

Will SEO die?

No one knows .


SEO plays an important role in the online marketing industry. Basic knowledge of SEO could be impactful . In every field of online marketing it has become necessary for everyone. 

So in my opinion the need for advanced SEO is growing day by day. Update yourself with upcoming changes in SEO strategy.

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