Boost Your website with WordPress Automatic Plugins

It takes a lot of time to create tremendous content if you are not skilled at that job. Hiring someone from outside can also be expensive for you. With the help of Word press Automatic plugins it will be easy.

But if this is your robot (automation) work, then both your time and money can be saved.Nowadays automation has made everything easier. Automation has also come to the website.

Do you really want to know the Word press Automatic plugins for your website which reduce the weight of your blogging career.

Thousands of WordPress automatic plugins are available in the blogging industry. Rather, I would like to say not only for blogging but also for online business. Websites are the pillars of online business.

With the help of automatic plugins you can easily run your website within less time or less teamwork.

So many sites can handle these plugins. Whether your website is related to blog,news,e-commerce. In this paragraph we will discuss.

What is the Word press Automatic Plugins?

This means that you can bring the posts, pages, products, RSS feeds of any site to your WordPress through an automatic plugin.

Plugins are available in both versions (free and premium). Choose the right plugin for auto blogging.

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How To Use Word press Plugins

Process of WordPress automatic plugin installation is also the same. First decide which purpose you want to install Plugin for.

Then go to the WordPress > Dashboard

click on the > Plugins section

Then go to > Add New

And search the plugins that you want to use for automation then click on install and activate.

Features of Automatic Plugins

The features of each plugin are also different.Here we discuss

Auto post from any web page

WP Scraper can import the content of any web page with your WordPress with an image and that too selected content.And remove unwanted link from you post.

Auto post from RSS feeds

Automatic RSS feed plugging import content from websites with tags and categories.

Auto post from Amazon products 

Easily import products from E-commerce websites like amazon with image and price tag.

Auto post from eBay products

Similarly import products by their keywords from eBay and get updated with price.

Auto post from click bank products

Automatically import product or service from click bank and set affiliate links.

Auto post from Envato products 

With the huge asset of the online world, Envato Automatic plugin is a great source of passive income. Import product description and set affiliate links.

Auto post from Facebook

Import Facebook posts and pages and monitor them easily.

Auto post from Instagram to your 

The Automatic plugin of instagram will help you to import posts to your WordPress.

Which are Word press Automatic plugins.


Youtube Video Auto post Plugin

It can easily import YouTube videos from other YouTube channels with a playlist and create posts for you and publish on your YouTube channel automatically.


This is the best plugin for auto blogging, it can create automatic posts from RSS feeds. Lot of time for writing content can be saved from this plugging . And also very easy to use.

HubSpot’s WordPress 

Best ever marketing automation plugin for WordPress. Create workflows that send automatic email to visitors and save your time on repetitive work.

Social Sharing

Sharing content by users will help to grow your market reach. Because social media is a huge platform to branding your product or any kind of service. With the help of this tool you choose which social icon appears on your website and the plugin will automatically add them.

Broken Link Checker

Broken links are bad for SEO. It can decrease your search ranking in search results. So if you use this tool it will automatically find internal and external broken links and fix them.

Yoast SEO

SEO is a necessity for any site owner. It can be on page or off page SEO. But yoast SEO will help you to SEO friendly content. But also provide some features that show how your site performs in search results.


The best ever project management plugin for wordpress. Content organiser and social media planner give it more specialty.


Image optimization is mandatory for any website. If you want fast speed then compress images play a vital role in this. In this tool your website’s image automatically optimises. And increase your site enhancement in search results.


If you have a lot of content on your website, which is written with a lot of hard work, then it is also necessary to back it up. Tomorrow you may also be disappointed if the data is lost.

Sometimes we forget to take the backup ourselves and sometimes it becomes difficult due to the large file size.This plugin will automatically back up your data as you wish.


This is the most interactive form builder plugin that will save you a lot of time.It’s ready made template forms make your work easier. Through this you can also integrate your email marketing tools.


This is the best plugin to analyze the data traffic of the site. It automatically displays the traffic of the website on the dashboard of WordPress.



Is Word press Automatic Plugins A Scam?

This is not a scam, a lot of people are using it.

Why Have Word press Automatic Plugins?

To save time and for next business planning

Why Do You Need A Word press Automatic Plugin?

It depends on your requirement, But if you have more work then you can use automation.


In conclusion If you want to grow your website and want to get good results, then you have to use the above mentioned plugins. In other word Change is also necessary with the passage of time. You have to think for planning the next project in the future, which requires your time. Automation has given you a lot of time to think.Thank for reading this

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